Program of relocation of immigrants


It is estimated that since 2008 almost 100 thousand immigrants, mostly from Africa and Asia came to the area of southern Europe. Current law regulates clearly the matter of emigration. Country, which the immigrant first ask for help, is obliged to provide maintenance. For this reason Malta, Italy and Spain may have a lot of financial problems.

Therefore, in 2009 under the chairmanship of Sweden, the idea to create a program of relocation of immigrants appeared in The European Union. It would help other European countries to adopt refugees - especially those countries located in the north of the continent. The program is co-financed with EU money. Currently it is in its infancy, but there have already been made first sovereign decisions.

In Poland there are living African immigrants from southern Europe. Polish Government decided about that. Other countries have acted similarly. Some refugees will be adopted by: France, Britain, Germany, Slovakia and Slovenia. Political immigrants have the biggest chances to settle in Poland. Polish decision is noble, but not entirely disinterested. The Government hopes that EU countries will help us when the wave of refugees from the East will come to us.